new online personalized service portal to simplify the Order-pharmacists relationship

30 de junho de 2020 em Sem categoria

The National Order of Pharmacists opens e-Pop, a new service portal, which allows the dematerialization of the pharmacist’s ordinal procedures.

A new platform has been online since February 10, 2020: the e-Pop portal. Pharmacists can:

consult their personal and professional data;
request a duplicate of documents – certificate of registration, cancellation, a certificate of good repute or a certificate of conformity of diploma …;
have pre-filled forms to communicate with the Order and a secure briefcase;
follow the progress of a request made to the order Cenforce online.
All in accordance with the regulations on electronic referral (EVS).

How to access your space?
You can access your e-Pop space via the home page of the Order’s website or via the Pharmacists area (by logging in at the top of the site’s home page ). You only need to register your email address once, the first time you connect. This registration will also allow you to fulfill the obligations provided for by the regulations for the reception of health security messages ( art. L.4001-2 of the Public Health Code ).

A + for pharmacists
Uses are evolving and the Order is keeping pace with these changes, becoming increasingly part of a dynamic of service and proximity.

e-Pop will be enriched throughout the year with new functionalities to effectively support pharmacists in their daily lives.

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